Bring smart to life. Connect IoT (Internet of Things) with AI (Artificial Intelligence) by utilizing the potential of edge computing.
AI Face Recognition Solution is a self-teaching facial recognition system, providing a scalable, modular architecture with great customization for an organization in any size.
Mastering Identification, Access Control and Body Temperature Screening All at Once
GIGABYTE's DNN Training Appliance combines powerful computing performance together with a user-friendly GUI, providing DNN developers an easy to use environment to conduct dataset management, training jobs management, real time system environment monitoring and model analysis.
Unprecedented Acceleration at Every Scale
Bringing Exascale-Class Technologies to Mainstream HPC and AI
A technological revolution for enterprise to optimize communication, share ideas and collaborate information during online-to-offline meetings
An exciting technical revolution in retail industry, designed to bring the convenience and speed of the online shopping experience into physical store, enhancing retailers' connection with existing customers while attracting new ones.
An Innovative Media Platform and Service to Deliver Targeted and Personalized Contents with Real-Time Interaction to Bring Audience Engagement
Facial recognition solutions for optimizing the safety check process
GIGABYTE has been planning the PILOT product family, which is designed to provide developers and test drivers with a complete product portfolio that supports the development of functions for automated driving by means of high computation power, high bandwidth, and rich external interfaces.
GIGABYTE has taken the first step to develop an smart agricultural system, to help farmers reduce workload and improve manpower shortages, using the front-end environmental sensors, monitoring systems, and equipment controllers to maintain the field and monitor the crops conditions remotely.
Utilization of recognition technology to understand your customers better